Hello. My name is Lori Marie. 


I live in the Oakland Hills and work from a small studio in my front yard called the Tiny House. I taught myself to sew in high school and went on to earn a degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Francisco.

tiny house

I have been designing under my own label for more than 20 years while also working as a textile artist for the children's market creating hand stitched embroideries and applique for specialty garments and bedding collections.


I made a live appearance on the Martha Stewart show in 2007 and am honored to have had my work and studio featured online and in print over the years.

I make all of my pieces by hand with special attention to detail. 


Handmade items have a very different energy than those produced in large numbers by a factory. They carry with them the essence of the maker and if you look closely, you can see the process. Careful details and tiny imperfections reflect the presence of hand and the presence of mind. 

In a world that feels like it's spinning out of control, it's important to be able to come back to the moment and catch your breath and slow intentional living is a wonderful remedy to the sometimes hectic pace of the collective. 

Inviting handmade objects into your space is a beautiful way to cultivate more presence in your day to day life.

The dolls are meant for gentle play and can be seated or suspended for display.

My current collection "Life is But a Dream" includes:

moon pillows, pink guitars and a small assortment of dolls and accessories

Visit instagram for a peek behind the scenes and news about my next release.